Saturday I participated in race 3 of 13 for 2013- The Rugged Maniac.  This was by-far the most fun I’ve had at a race (I’ve only done 5 total including 5ks but, whatevs) and probably makes it to the list of the top 5 most fun things I’ve ever done in my entire life.  I mean, I got to slide down a giant water slide into a pit of muddy water for crying out loud!  Does it get better than that?!  Hardly!

Of course I managed to miss that photo op but I’m fairly certain is this what I looked like…one of these people, any of them.

Hilariously fun AND absolutely terrifying at the same time…was not expecting the latter!

This race was nothing like the Spartan…mostly due to the absolutely beautiful weather, a far cry from the miserable 30 some-odd degrees of the Spartan.  It was also 1.5 miles less in distance and the obstacles were a combination of challenging and FUN… did I mention there was a waterslide?  There were actually a few obstacles that were MORE challenging than the Spartan, which surprised me, like FOUR 13ft walls like this which I got up and over ALL BY MYSELF!


I’m not in this picture but I conquered all of these!

I also made it all the way across this bad boy…

Again, not me but I did it! I swear!

I crawled through dark tunnels, up the inside of muddy pipes, jumped over pits of nothingness (for like four feet), walked across a VERY BOUNCY balance beam, WITHOUT FALLING INTO THE MUD PIT,  lost my shoes a few times in some mud bogs, and jumped over fire…

Hey look!  It’s actually me!

I'mperfect Life at Rugged Maniac


I made it through LOTS of Army Crawls under barbed wire, too!  There’s THIS to prove it!  This picture is SO hideous you have look at it all on its own.  Don’t feel bad for laughing.  I can’t look at it without cracking up. WHO IS THAT?!

I finished the race feeling proud and accomplished.  I couldn’t believe the difference in strength from just one month ago.  I didn’t make over  ANY of the walls by myself at the Spartan, this time I made them my bitch.   I did not finish in record breaking time, mostly because I spent a lot of time waiting in line a several obstacles, but I did finish!

Finish Line at Rugged Maniac


The hand injury is from sliding about 10 feet down the slippery wall after the BRACE I WAS STANDING ON BROKE!  I’m not going to dwell on how that makes a fat girl feel…I’m sure you already know.   It hurt pretty bad but I got right back up there and made it to the top.

Take that slippery wall!

Anyway, that’s the Rugged Maniac Round Up.

In case you missed it before, here’s one more look for you…

Absolute Worst Picture EVAR!
Absolute Worst Picture EVAR!

I hope you’ll remember me looking like this…

Post Rugged Maniac

Or even like this…it’s a SLIGHT improvement.


Alright, three hotties to cleanse your eyes

Lisa, Anne Marie and Andrea at Rugged Maniac

Until the next one!

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