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Keep a Clean Environment

Straight up. This rule is the hardest for me to follow. Attempting to follow this rule results in a LOT of following rule #1 for me. But when I do follow this rule, everything is easier and life is better. It’s just REALLY hard for me– especially living with two little monsters who have a knack for moving objects around my house non-stop. Not to mention all the laundry and dishes that seem impossible to complete!

Keeping a clean environment means keeping your life– physically, mentally and emotionally, clean and free from clutter. Yes, I know, easier said than done but…

When my kitchen isn’t clean, neither is my diet.

When all I see is clutter, I’m likely to trade exercise for cleaning.

When my car is a mess, I can’t find my keys, or anything to wear, my whole day is harder and more stressful. I run late for appointments, feel annoyed with myself for not being able to “get it together” and it makes me want to retreat. If I was an emotional eater, it would probably make me want to eat, too!

Can you relate?

This is why I created rule number 6 for living a happy, healthy lifestyle. Because keeping a clean environment means living a life that is free from unnecessary stress that is within our control. Since there are plenty of other obstacles that we can’t control, it’s important to manage the ones we can.

What to keep clean in order to live a happy, healthy lifestyle…

Your Kitchen

Keeping your kitchen clean, fridge and cabinets included, is an important part of eating “clean.” Having a space you want to be in, where you prepare the food for the body you love, should not be discounted. Clean out your cabinets

  • Clean out your fridge
  • Make the stuff you WANT to eat, easily accessible.
  • Throw away stuff that you don’t like without guilt.
  • Keep counters/works-pace free of stuff, and keep your sink clear of dirty dishes.

Your Laundry

  • Keep your gym clothes clean.
  • Keep your closet clean
  • Get rid of stuff that doesn’t fit- too big, too small, too long or short.  Stuff that hangs weird, colors and patterns you don’t like. Stuff you tug at every time you wear it. Just get rid of it.

Keep Your Purse/Bag Clean

  • De-trash it so you can find what you’re looking for
  • Put your keys in a location where you can get to them easily…all the time
  • Compartmentalize to keep things organized by using small zipper pouches that contain like items

Keep your car clean

  • Clear out any garbage regularly
  • Leave your cup holder available for your water bottle
  • Run it through a $5.00 car wash so you won’t be embarrassed to be seen in it

Keep your friend list clean

  • Surround yourself with people who make you feel good (Rule #9)
  • Communicate your needs effectively to maintain healthy relationships
  • Don’t make assumptions about others
  • Don’t make assumptions about what other might think of you

In order to live our best, happy, healthy lifestyle, we must maintain spaces in which we enjoy being; spaces where we feel a sense of ease rather than stressed and unable to see anything other than a long to-do list every time we walk in the room.

Tackle it once and for all—even if that means doing it in bite-sized chunks, and then maintain it.

There are entire books written on just this ONE subject, because it’s THAT important!

Ask for help.

Hire someone if it’s in your budget.

Create systems for maintaining the stuff.

Don’t put it off any longer. You won’t regret it.

Follow all 12 Rules for Living a Happy, Healthy, I’mperfect Life Lifestyle!