It’s time for a uterus update!  I know you’ve been waiting a LONG time for one of these and have probably been sitting on the edge of your seat just waiting, wondering, “when will Andrea tell me about her reproductive system again?!”

Well ladies and…okay, you’re right, just ladies, it’s time it’s finally time for an update on my uterus!

So for the last several months, almost a year actually, my uterus has been very well behaved.  Other than giving me a period the DAY OF MY MOTHER FRICKEN SURGERY– wait, did I tell you that part? I don’t think I did. Yeah my lovely uterus decided that I needed to have a period at the same time I was having my gastric system rearranged.  Incisions, sutures, a catheter, IV and liquid diet weren’t enough.  Nope, my uterus thought it would be awesome if I also had to change maxi pads every few hours during a time when I couldn’t even take a shower.  How very thoughtful…

Anyway, SINCE THEN…my uterus has been very behaved.  I mean, I haven’t been regular exactly, but I have had normal periods.  Meaning, I never know when I’m going to get it, but it comes, lasts seven days and then it’s gone.  It’s been…I don’t know….no words can express the joy of a seven day period every six to eight weeks after having gone 18 months bleeding CONSTANTLY.  However, this month el uteroso decided to give me a little reminder of old times and teased me with a “period”, you know just enough to be annoying?  Like not even pad-worthy but definitely panty liner necessary? This had been going on for over three weeks. FUN!  Until last night, when the flood gates opened.  HOORAY!

I keep saying to myself, “well Andrea, at least it will be over soon.”  But will it?  I mean will this uterus give up that easily?  Only time will tell.  Here’s hoping to some feminine-product free days in my near (LIKE LESS THAN A WEEK, DEAR UTERUS) future.