Living Social sent me a deal for half off the pre-registration price for the Spartan Race here in North Carolina coming up in March.  So what does this dumbass do?  BUYS IT!

First of all, obstacle racing has seemed like a brilliant idea to me since I first discovered it about 2 years ago.  But 2 years ago I was too fat to even THINK about actually doing one.  I’m 90lbs less than I was back in 2010 but I’m far from “Spartan Shape” which means I’ve got a shit-ton of training to do.  Actually, “shit-ton”, which is the only adjective that remotely comes close to being strong enough to describe how much training I have to do doesn’t even cover it. There are really no words to describe how much training I need.  None.

The Spartan Race is a four mile race with insane obstacles where people get seriously injured and sometimes even die.  Yes, D.I.E…. I do not plan to be one of them.  However, if I don’t get my butt in gear I will barely make it pass the finish line.


So what’s my plan?  Ummm….well….

So far I’ve signed up for the Workout of the Day emails from the Spartan Race website and I’m going to join Crossfit at my gym, which is an intense exercise type-thingy…or so I’m told.  I feel like these are steps in the right direction, at least they are steps in a direction.

I did a mud-run back in June which was a total blast but this is going to be MUCH different. MUCH.  It was less than 3 miles and the obstacles were kinda lame but I did it.  Finished it under my goal time and had a blast doing it however it would not qualify at Spartan prep.


Suck it up, Andrea.  Stop talking about how hard it is going to be and PREPARE!

That’s my new mantra.  I just made it up.  Now I’m going to go write it on post-its and put them all around my house.

Okay, that’s all for now.  More later.  Promise.