Yeah, I know, it’s been close to forever since I last posted. I had good intentions but life got in the way. First it was the Mono, then it was travel then it was…forgotten about, then…put off, and off some more and off a little longer.

So what’s been going on for the last few months? Well other than THE MONO incident, a trip to Gatlinburg, camping with friends at the lake and going to the beach with family– not a whole heck of a lot. Oh wait, there was something else…we tried a round of clomid a few weeks back.

WHAT?! CLOMID? You mean you took it and didn’t tell anyone?!?!?!

Yes, yes I did and it was miserable. I felt fine- hormonally and physically. I never experienced any side effects. That could be because it didn’t work, but it could also be that I am just lucky. Lucky enough to not experience hot flashes, mood swings, headaches, etc. Did I mention it didn’t work? Yeah, that’s probably why.

Although I thought maybe it was working at the time, it turns out, according the blood tests that my progesterone levels did not indicate ovulation.

The funny thing is that even if it HAD worked, I still wouldn’t have gotten pregnant. You see, there’s this really important part of getting pregnant called SEX. That which, I made sure not to have after chickening out about getting pregnant at what was assumed, the last minute. Did you follow that? I think that sentence was kind of confusing. Let me rephrase the whole paragraph.

I took the clomid, on cycle days 5-9. According to the directions we were supposed to start doing, what all the message boards call, “the baby dance”, on the 10th day. So the tenth day came and it was time to DO IT. What I thought would be this magical, highly anticipated dance, turned out to be nothing but miserable. The stress of it was so overwhelming that I just wanted to cry. It was awful.

We went camping the next day and when we came home I realized that I just couldn’t even try. I was scared. Scared of being fat and pregnant. Actually, scared is not the right word. More like terrified. So I chickened out.

It’s weird. I feel like I made the right decision, but at the same time I can’t decide if I’m being selfish. I’m not asking for your opinion. I know you all support whatever I do and want me to be happy and healthy, but I just feel kind of…bad.

I know Brett is ready to have a baby. I know I’m ready to have a baby. I know what ever baby is in there is ready to become a baby, but I don’t want to go through a pregnancy not even being able to tell that I am carrying a child. I want to be able to feel that baby, I want Brett to be able to feel it too. I want to have external belly ultrasounds, not internal vaginal ones because they can’t see through the fat. I want people to be able to identify my pregnant belly. I want to be healthy and I want my child to be healthy. I know fat women get pregnant and have babies all the time, but I’m afraid to be one of them.

When the nurse called to tell me that I hadn’t ovulated, she said that she was going to call in a new RX for the higher dose. I haven’t picked it up yet. Don’t know if or when I will.

For now, Brett and I are going to the gym, trying to eat better (as always) and trying to focus on summer vacations and anything and everything that doesn’t involve US having a baby.

One more thing– I need more than two hands to count how many friends and family members have either had beautiful, healthy babies or found out they were pregnant in the past three months.

Baby fever is hard to avoid.