So the last time I wrote a blog, well, the last three (er, um, only three) times, were all kind of pitiful. I knew they were at the time. I was aware that they didn’t represent my “norm”, but the feelings were completely genuine. I really was feeling very frustrated and a bit down about, well, everything. Feeling a bit hopeless and helpless– it happens to all of us. BUT! I have good news! I GOT MY PERIOD!!!

Now this may not seem like something most people would broadcast on the web; in fact I feel a little strange doing it. BUT for all of my friends and family who either A- know my irregularity issues and B- for those who deal with PCOS themselves, know that this is quite a feat.

Why? Well because I haven’t had a period since AUGUST! This isn’t the longest I’ve gone without one, but five months feels like an eternity when you want to get pregnant. (I really should own stock in EPT) Every week that goes by is another week “late” in normal-person-world. And even though I know, intellectually that I’m not pregnant, it’s easy to get caught in the maybe’s and what if’s.

None-the-less, I got my period and now recognize those PMS blues from two weeks ago as just that, PMS!

So what now? Well…I wait. Wait and hope it stops. My last period was induced by a round of BC pills, and boy was it a doozy! Prior to that three week long respite (during the 21 days of white pills) I had been bleeding for a year an a half. Yeah, you read that right. ONE and ONE HALF years! 18 months! 500 and some odd days. Tell me that’s not exhausting! — Which brings me to today…waiting, waiting for this period to be over. It’s been about a week and has slowed down significantly since it started, but is still hanging on.

I guess I’ll just wait a little longer and hope that it doesn’t decide to stick around too long. The only way to make it stop is to go on the pill which is NOT my favorite option. It may make the bleeding stop, but it also makes me completely irrational and impossible to be around– just ask Brett!

For now, I feel good. I’m eating carbs in moderation, making sure every meal has a fruit and/or veg and watching portion sizes. Haven’t really lost any weight, but I’m feeling better…looking forward to warm weather, gardening, camping and other summer projects.

I’ve got a list of blog subjects that I will be writing and publishing soon. So keep an eye out!